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KOJIN manufactures energy efficient lighting with a focus on safety and innovation. All of our products are UL and cUL Certified** and feature our patented Nano Reflector.

KOJIN is committed to offering products that reduce energy consumption. We research, design, and manufacture products without compromise, to the highest ethical and technical standards. KOJIN offers T5 Fluorescent lighting solutions such as T5 Conversion Kits, Troffers, Utility Lights, Flare Lights, and High Bays.

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**UL Certified products were manufactured/produced prior to our withdrawal from the UL Program and met UL requirements at that time.

KOJIN T5 Conversion Kit Installation

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KOJIN - T5 Troffer Series

KOJIN - T5 Utility Lights Series


In 2012, T12 lamps were phased out of production in the USA and Canada. Government rebates and tax credits are available to help businesses transition to more efficient solutions.

Contact your local utility to see if your business qualifies.

Did you know?

  • Maintaining T12 fluorescent lighting systems after the 2012 deadline has become difficult and expensive as equipment and related services are harder to find.
  • The compact size of T5 lamps reduces the material required for manufacturing and packaging. T5 lamps can, therefore, have less impact on the global environment than T8 and T12 lamps.
  • It is possible to save up to 45% in energy without losing light levels when you switch from T12 lamps to the KOJIN T5 Conversion Kit.
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KOJIN is a leader in energy-efficient lighting. Innovative. Responsible. Ethical.