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About Our Company

When we named our company “KOJIN”, it was simply a way to honor a very special person. We then found out that it is also the name of a Japanese mythical deity who used his violent forces to work towards the good of humankind. It seems fitting that by happenstance, KOJIN describes the fierce passion and commitment that we apply to our mission –

   "To develop and offer the best lighting products to reduce energy consumption."

The way we see it, the primary reason for businesses to save energy is not ecologically motivated. In this economic climate, businesses want to cut cost, save money, and show profitability at the end of the day. If they receive moral credit for their acts of eco-conservation, it would be an added bonus.

KOJIN set out to develop products that meet these tests - the energy savings must be measurable and verifiable, the Return on Investment (ROI) must be less than two years, and the performance of the new product must be equal or better than the current product. In short, low upfront cost for products and labor to replace old technology, with long-term, significant savings in energy consumption.

We have done that. We continuously research, design and manufacture lighting products that will contribute to significant energy savings around the world. If you feel as we do, then join us in the excitement of being part of the New Energy Generation – as our customers, our distributors and our partners.