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Energy Savings Calculator

1. What is the length of your lamp?
2. What type of lamp do you currently use?
3. How many lamps per fixture?
4. How many fixtures are in the target area?
5. How many lamps does each ballast support?
6. How many watts does each ballast consume?
7. How many hours per week are lights on?
8. What is the average electricity cost per kWh in your region?
Total number of lamps:
Total watts/hr for lamps:
Total number for ballasts:
Total watts/hr for ballasts:
Total watts per week:
Total cost per year:

Current cost/year:  
With T5 cost/year:  

DISCLAIMER: This calculator is intended as a tool to estimate the financial benefits of a T5 retrofit.
Please contact KOJIN for a customized consultation and detailed estimate.